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Nicola and Anna

Anna and Nicola Asplanato are a young couple who share their love with nature and the territory. They met 9 years ago, he taught her Italian and she encouraged him to carry on his passion for the land but in particular for olive oil. Since then they have always worked together, in harmony with other activities, until they decided to create their own quality products. Asplanato extra virgin olive oil first and subsequently other oil related products. Young hands who want to renew, improve themselves and the place where they live. A new beginning for the area around them, which led them to study, understand and create new methodologies from which a superior quality oil derives.

Nicola and Anna have dedicated passion and energy to creating their own little nest where they can share love and passion. They have thus transformed an old crusher into what is now their company.


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With our olives we produce and sell not only oil, but much more. Come and visit us, we will be happy to let you taste our products. Oil, pesto, jams, olives, and much, much more!