Asplanato, born from the love for the territory
and the respect for nature


Extra Vergin Oil


Pesto alla Genovese


Nature gives back the love it receives

In the south of Liguria, where the mountains meet the sea, we work our land with love and in return of the care we infuse into it, we receive back a noble reward, the taggiasca olives.

With these olives we produce not only extra virgin olive oil, but much much more…

The Asplanato family

From the love for the territory and the deep respect for nature, the line of products of Asplanato, extra virgin olive oil as well as other related products of superior quality are born. Using only what nature offers plus our unparalleled passion.
Anna and Nicola Asplanato are a young couple who share this passion for territory. Young hands who want to renew, improve themselves and the place where they live. A new beginning for the area around them, which led them to study, understand and create new methodologies from which a superior quality oil derives.

How we process our olives

“We respect the seasons, we know the places and the characteristics of our olive groves, we select the best olives, we choose the right time to process them with care: only in this way can we offer high quality products. We know our olives well, and we know when they can offer the best results and taste”


“Casa Asplanato”

Come relax and enjoy Liguria, in an oasis of relaxation surrounded by nature, within olive trees and vineyards. Our holiday home, known as “Casa Asplanato” offers rooms and apartments and a beautiful garden with a swimming pool where you can cool off.


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