A journey immersed in the scents,
colours and flavours of Liguria

Nature gives us back what it receives

We take good care of our old treasures, that give us quality olives every season, but also of the territory in which they grow.

The handmade terraces for which our land is renowned and where our trees put their roots are fertile ground, we took care of them personally, so that the olive trees could grow safely and give their best.  For our family, olive trees are not simple trees, but long-standing friends who reciprocate with unique and precious products the commitment of those who, like us, take care of them and know their secrets.

raccolta olive albero

Scents, colours and sounds respond

Strong, intense aromas that taste like artichoke, cut grass, tomato. Bright colours, strong contrasts between the blue of the sea and the green of the plants, but also colours that do not derive from nature, but from the territory, from culture, like the beautiful village of Valloria with its painted doors.

The lakes of Lecchiore and the Sanctuary of Acquasanta

Our territory offers many routes for those who love to stay in the midst of nature and visit typical places. We would like to share Dolcedo’s jewels with you.

Imagine opening a door and entering a square made of black and white pebbles, and a church from the 1700s with the colours of Liguria: pink, yellow and green. No, you’re not dreaming! This is exactly how this beautiful adventure begins in the hills of Liguria. A tour between Dolcedo, Lecchiore and Bellissimi, with an extension to the wonderful lakes in the woods. Are you ready to find out? L’Aring Dolcedo, Lecchiore, Bellissimi. It touches three villages, five churches and also includes a stop at small lakes in the woods.

A walk through nature.
From Lecchiore to Valloria

Walk surrounded by olive trees with panoramic views, passing through the Acquasanta Sanctuary.

Valloria: microscopic and indescribable. A village of just over 40 inhabitants that is an open-air art gallery; it has become a full part of the circuit of “painted villages”. Valloria, or “Vallis Aurea” that is a ventilated place or golden or oil valley.


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