In the south of Liguria, where the mountains meet the sea, we work our land, which reciprocates all the love and care through the taggiasca olives.
Asplanato was born precisely among these lands, from the love for the territory and respect for nature.
With our olives we produce and sell not only oil, but much more


Nicola takes care of the area where olive trees grow and he works hard to make it  a fertile ground, always respecting nature and what it can donate. From November to February, for many years, the process has been repeated: 1. laying of harvesting nets, 2. beating branches by hand with electric beaters (non-polluting), 3. separation of leaves and branches from olives

2.Cleaning and grinding

After being harvested in boxes and brought to the mill, the olives are washed with spring water, very pure and cold to remove residual impurities (leaves, sand). The olives are then vibration-dried and ground with bone on a hammer crusher. This produces a paste that will then be transformed into the olive oil we know.

3.Oil extraction

The oil is separated from the rest of the olive by means of a decanter. It remains unchanged and not emulsified to other substances. The leakage temperature is about 22°.

4. Transfer and bottling

At this point, the oil is ready (one day maximum) to be transferred. Before making the final transfer, it is stored in a container for a few days to allow the impurities to settle. Transferred, bottled and sealed it is ready to be tasted and consumed.